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Personal Training

[Ik geef de personal trainings in het Nederlands, Engels of mag ook in het Spaans]

An hour of personal training involves movement of all kinds, in all directions and in different speeds. It involves a deeper understanding of your body and its abilities. It's an hour of inspiration to become stronger and more determinate in your thoughts and actions.
The pillars of my personal training sessions are awareness, strength and determination. I combine my knowledge from different areas such as yoga, barre, pilates, mobility, strength training and bodyweight training. I use as many props as I can to keep it varied, entertaining and surprising. The sessions are informal with a balance between serious focus and lighthearted laughter.

Whatever your goal, whether it be injury recovery, muscle gain, flexibility, weight loss, you just need the determination to begin and together we will embark on a journey to make that goal reality.

Wanneer en waar?

Monday 22 April 2019 06:00 - 07:00
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€ 60. - per sessie (Betaling kan ter plaatse of via onze de website)
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